Transforming your Business

  • CSI / BEE Strategies

  • Enterprise Transformation

  • Human Resources

  • Employment Equity

  • Performance Management

  • Organizational Development


ETRANS are design and implementation specialists in the total Transformation and HR fields. The services include but are not  limited to the following:

  • Total end to end Social Economic Development (CSI) and Enterprise development service. We have an outsourced office that can handle the total processes on your behalf it will save you office space and resources. From strategy, developing guiding rules (Constitution, etc), managing applications, vetting cases, investigations and recommendations to your Committee, presenting cases, approvals/rejections and delivery. A total paper trail of everything available at all times as inputs to BEE scorecards, internal and external audits etc.

  • Transformation strategies, plans and implementation guidance.

  • End to end HR specialised and general services which include the following: 

Organizational development

Black economic empowerment

Professionalization of your HR functions

HR audits and evaluation.

HR Strategic Planning

Performance Management System, development plans and training

Transformation and Management of Change

Attitude / Climate surveys: Customers and/or employees

Employment Equity

Staff Retrenchments/Outplacements/Social plans

Wellness:  EAP, AIDS, Health and Safety

HR Policies and Practices












 HR Policies and practices: 

o    Employment policy

o    Employment equity policy

o    BEE policy

o    IPMS policy

o    Conditions of service policies

o    Leave  policy

Vacation leave

Sick leave

Special sick leave

Maternity leave

Paternity leave

Family responsibility leave

Special leave

Study and examination leave

Unpaid leave

o    Termination policy which includes:




Retirement due to temporary or permanent disability


Retrenchment and voluntary packages

o    Working Hours policy

o    Overtime policy

o    Medical  Aid policy

o    Pension/provident funds policy

o    Allowances policy

o    Probation policy

o    Cell Phone policy

o    Training and development policy (learning)

o    ER policy and Disciplinary Code and grievance Procedures

o    Remuneration policy

o    Job evaluation policy

o    Health management policy which includes inter alia:

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Injury on duty policy

HIV/AIDS policy

Smoking policy

o    Subsistence and travelling policy

o    Relocation  and transfer policy

o    Acting and secondment policy

o    Code of Business Conduct policy (and brochure for staff)

o    Internet, telephone/cell  and email policy

o    Safeguarding and use of equipment and property

o    Induction process

o    etc

  • Process mapping of all HR processes as tool for line managers

  • Disciplinary enquiries (hearings), Grievances and Labor Relations

  • Remuneration and Reward Strategies

  • Absenteeism management

  • Measurement design (absenteeism, staff turnover, etc - management reports comparing different departments etc)

  • Research